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St Lucia, Simply Beautiful

St. Lucia offers everything you have possibly dreamed about in a Caribbean island…  Its natural scenic beauty entails luxuriant rain forests, pristine beaches, brilliantly-plumed tropical birds, verdant fields and amazing orchards of banana, coconut, mango, and papaya.  Add to that an array of world-class hotels and restaurants in lush tropical surroundings, as well as friendly locals and year-round warm weather, and you have the ideal island location filled with endless leisurely pleasures.

In addition to the wide variety of opportunities to hike, bird watch, and tour St. Lucia's outstanding natural attractions, the island is replete with a full range of recreational offerings.  From horseback riding and hiking to deep-sea fishing and water-skiing, St. Lucia has it all.  Of course, yachting in St Lucia is an unforgettable experience.  With the sparkling Caribbean Sea on one side and the mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean on the other, sailors have been falling in love with St Lucia for centuries. Not only is it possible to charter any form of sea-going vessel anywhere on the island, but St Lucia also serves as a hub for some of the best yachting adventures in the world.

St. Lucia will always evoke a wonderful state of mind, seducing honeymooners, romantics, yachters, adventurers, and vacationers from around the globe who are looking for the ultimate escape.  St. Lucia’s people have earned a well-deserved reputation for their warmth and friendliness, and the island itself is dotted with aged fortresses, small villages, and open-air markets, which all add to its magnificent charm.

St. Lucia is truly an island paradise! With a virtually limitless range of activities, services and amenities offered at Rodney Bay Marina and its surrounding areas, your ultimate yachting lifestyle will be realized in St. Lucia.


Pigeon Island National Landmark
This 44-acre reserve is one of the most important monuments in St. Lucia. Some of the attractions include the ruins of military buildings used during the battles between the French and the British for the island, two beautiful beaches, Carib Caves and many landmarks showing St. Lucia's history.

Splash Island Water Park
On the Northwest coast of the island is the exciting open-water sports park. It features a trampoline, climbing wall, monkey bars, a swing, a slide, and even water volleyball. 


Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) starts its 2,700 nautical mile journey at Rodney Bay. With as many as 200 boats arriving, there is a two-week celebration with bands, local cuisine, costume parties and other entertainment to send cruisers on their course.

Saint Lucia Jazz Festival
In May, a celebration of Saint Lucian, Caribbean and international jazz music, with events in all parts of the country. It offers a mix of free and paying concerts and educational activities.

Saint Lucia Carnival

During the months of June and July the island of St. Lucia celebrates their culture with parties, parades, steel drums and a lot of dancing. Parties and events occur all over the island to mark an important celebration of heritage. 

Saint Lucia Roots and Soul Festival
August brings a festival dedicated to musicians who are setting new trends in reggae, conscious hip-hop, Afro-punk and R&B, with performances, master classes and encounters between artists and other actors in the music business. There will be free and paying concerts, in various parts of the island. This event will bring together musicians, record labels, online music stores and platforms, specialized journalists and other actors in order to enhance market access for Saint Lucian and other musicians and producers.

Mercury Beach
In August, the 'Spring Break of the Caribbean" attracts thousands of people and hundreds of vessels to sample gourmet cuisine and premium drinks and to enjoy incredible entertainment all on one of St. Lucia's beautiful beaches.

Jounen Kweyol (Creole Day)

Typically celebrated on the last Sunday in October, this holiday pays homage to the island's heritage. Locals done their traditional Madras wear leading up to a day of celebration of food and culture.

Arts and Heritage Month

Building up to Creole Day is a month long festival that celebrates St. Lucia's cultural, ethnic and artistic heritage.

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