Boatyard Rules

Dear Boat Yard Customer:
The following set of rules and regulations is compiled for the protection of your yacht and gear. Please abide by these as they affect personal safety as well.

1. Owners, Captains, or their representatives must complete a hauling invoice prior to hauling. At least 50% of the cost for hauling must be prepaid.

2. No one will be allowed to remain on board any vessel being hauled, moved, or re-propped.

3. No prop stands may be moved at anytime. Please ask for assistance from Yard personnel.

4. All boats must have proper clearance into St. Lucia prior to hauling.

5. No outside vehicles shall be permitted to operate within the work yard without Management’s approval.

6. All work is to be performed by officially recognised crew or yard personnel only.

7. Outside contract work is strictly prohibited without prior management’s approval. Approved outside contract labour is subject to a 10% commission payable to Rodney Bay Marina unauthorised Freelance labour contract is not allowed at any time. Violation of this rule shall be cause for immediate settlement of all current charges and immediate launching regardless of the status of work in progress.

8. Do not help yourself to materials or stores, please ask for assistance from a yard employee. To ensure the accuracy of your account, please initial all charge purchases prior to taking your goods. Written appointment of other agents must be presented with appropriate limits.

9. Power tools will not be rented or loaned to anyone desiring to do their own work at any time whatsoever.

10. Anyone found tampering with yard equipment or materials will be subject to covering replacement costs, fines, or prosecution by Marina Management.

11. The yard takes no responsibility for accidents, injury, or death to any persons in or working within the yard at any time. All persons wishing to enter the boat yard for any reason do so at their own risk.

12. The raising of sails or removal of standing rigging is strictly prohibited while yachts are on hard standing. No one shall go aloft ever while on yard property

13. Open fires are prohibited at all times.

14. All foreign animals must have Customs approval being on shore.

15. The position of the vessel in the yard is up to Management.

16. Spray painting is permitted only with prior approval from yard.

17. Management requests that all vessels keep their area clean. Waste oil must be put into approved receptacles. Non crushable waste must be put into the collection dock.

18. Storage boats which do not wish to pay in advance shall be billed at the daily rate for berthing until advance payment is received. Only advance payment for monthly or quarterly storage will generate the discounted storage rates.

19. All outstanding bills must be paid with proper proof of receipts prior to launching any vessel.

20. Please lock your boats and dinghies when left unattended. Dinghies should never left unlocked while unattended especially on Fridays nights.

21. Please leave a set of boat keys with the yard manager in case of an emergency access to your boat will be available if needed.

22. It is suggested that you go over a list of valuables to be left stored abroad with the yard manager prior to departing for a prolonged period of time. Ask Management to assets the effectiveness of your security equipment.

23. If you plan to leave you boat unattended you must file for Temporary Importation with a Customs Officer and the Marina prior to your departure:

  1. Rodney Bay Marina will provide a letter to confirm responsibility on your behalf
  2. A list of detachable items with identification marks has to be signed with the Marina Customs Officers.
  3. A form has to be signed with the Customs Officers in the Marina.

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